Standard Sites

If all you want is a simple site with just a few pages, and maybe a contact form, then we can deliver this for you quickly and easily. Your site will have the benefits of all our solutions; it will be attractively designed to your specification, using your company logo and any other images you supply us; it will be designed according to web standards, and be accessible and search engine friendly.

Alternatively, maybe you already have a site that needs updating, modernising, redesigning or brought into line with accessibility legislation. Again, we can take your existing site and deliver to it the same benefits of all our solutions.

For all our sites:

  • W3C XHTML compliance
  • W3C CSS compliance
  • WAI Accessiblity compliance (dependent on level required or requested)
  • Class A browser compatibilty
  • CSS-based navigation
  • Tableless layouts
  • Code and layout search engine optimisation
  • Code fully commented (for future use by other developers)
  • Customisable contact forms
  • XML Sitemap (to improve search engine indexing)
  • Robots.txt (to instruct search engines NOT to index certain areas of your site)
  • Documentation (generic to the system employed)

Optional (additional fees apply):

  • Photoshop design to XHTML/CSS translation
  • Original site design (if you do not wish/are not able to supply a design to work from)
  • Custom documentation (HTML, PDF and/or screencasts)
  • Search engine submission
  • Statistics
  • Keyword targeted search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Advanced forms
  • eCommerce solutions
  • Google Maps integration
  • Galleries and slideshows
  • Blogs
  • Forums
  • RSS feeds
  • Photography
  • Domain name registration and/or transfer
  • Site hosting
  • Online or on-site training
  • Ongoing maintenance arrangements

Content Managed Solutions

Whilst nomadcreator is happy to design and develop your initial web site, or to update and modernise an existing web site, and then to follow this up with an ongoing maintenance arrangement, we prefer to enable you to take control of your investment yourself through the use of a Content Management System (CMS). All our CMS solutions come with the same benefits as our standard sites.

We offer content managed solutions based on three platforms. The choice of which one is best suited for you depends very much on your needs.


SkyBlueCanvas is an ideal solution for a small business site that functions mainly as a shop window. It is small, very easy to use, but contains enough options to display any type of static content. No database is required. It is well suited to mainly static sites of less than 100 pages, but if interactivity is required, or the use of rapidly changing dynamic content, then one of our database-based solutions will probably suit your needs better.



Whilst renowned as the world's most powerful blogging platform, WordPress has evolved into a very easy to use, well understood and well documented general content management system, that is now the most widely deployed and popular in the world. With hundreds of add-ons available it can be used for most types of web site, and is a better choice than SkyBlueCanvas if dynamic database generated content is required.



Drupal is a Content Management Framework, an incredibly powerful platform for designing custom Content Management Systems. Architecturally it is probably the most advanced and best designed Content Management solution in existence. Extensible through more than a thousand modules and add-ons there is possibly no task that it cannot be adapted to handle. It is particularly well suited for community based websites and/or where multiple user logons are required for content editors, with fine grained access control options for different levels of user, such as might be the case in a larger company.

Why do we recommend Open Source solutions?

Because they have better security, are updated frequently, and because they adhere to open standards and do not lock your data away in proprietary formats. This is why the vast majority of Internet servers run the Unix or Linux operating systems, why the open source web server Apache runs two thirds of the Internet's web sites, why MySQL is the most popular web database, and why PHP is the most popular server side scripting language. All these solutions are well understood, well documented, and used by most web developers worldwide: this is why all our content management systems are based around them. Finally, you do not have to pay for these solutions, which is always a bonus!

Rest assured though that it does not matter if you are running Microsoft Windows, because all our solutions are web-based systems, where you will edit and manage your site through your web browser. If you have large amounts of existing tabular or database data you can supply it to us in Excel format for import into web databases.